Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010

The LFG and you

Overall I love the new LFG but there are some things I don't like about it:

* people get impatient and run through dungeons like crazy (oh what an irony that most of them have the title "the patient") and will kick you if you happen to not meet their standards
* especially tanks and healers will force you to do achievements and leave out bosses (you can leave or will be kicked if you don't agree) and if the achievements fails they will simply leave because they will find a new group within 5 seconds to 1 minute while you, as a DPS, are forced to wait another half an hour
* the penalty for leaving oculus right at the start should be 1 day or more
* the two extra emblems for random heroics don't count into the achievement for 2500 emblems
* people trick the gear-requirement by entering the queue in their best DPS-gear and then want to tank/heal

However I managed to gear up all of my 5 80s to a reasonable level (according to youloot.de):
* Jemhadar (SV-Hunter) 4314
* Tajem (Prot-Pala) 4192
* Trijem (Prot-DK) 4059
* Nejem (MM-Hunter) 4045
* Drujem (Resto-Druid) 3960

Before christmas Nejem was sporting the blue 187-Hunter-PvP-set and now he bypassed my former main Drujem. And after todays random dungeon he will have 50 frostemblems and will buy the 264-cloak and after clearing one round of trash in ICC he will also have a new ring. My two hunters and Tajem were able to clear ICC nearly effortless (with achievement on the endboss) and while Jemhadar (my main ^^) got nothing execpt for reputation (the ring) and frostemblems, Nejem got the bow (oh shiny) and some nice bracers. Tajem got the tanking-mace from the first boss. Maybe I try to snag a spot for Trijem this week.
Drujem gets the spotlight now. She is already sporting the 4peace t9-set and the frostemblems-relic (fully stacked she reaches 3000+ spellpower in a 5man) so I think I let her heal some ToC 10man in the near future (this week because its also the weekly-raidquest).

Jemhadar is done with the the argentum tournier daylies - all mounts bought. He also, finally, got the green protodrake and the moment he got it, went to the cavern to make peace with the frenzyheart tribe. He now slays at least 5 extra oracle bitches each day for payback. 2 more mounts to 100.
With the new reputation-system he also doesn't have to to daylies for the frostborn and explorers league. After doing one my blacktemple he also hit exaltet with the Ashtongue Deathsworn and has now 35 exalted factions.

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