Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

Am I Insane?

Well, yes, I am, I just need the title ;) (in case you don't understand, there is an achievement called "Insane in the Membrane" and it gives you the title "the Insane" - and you seriously have to invest a lot (time, gold) to get this achievement.

But before this I need other achievements because if I didn't do them I would make it only worse. In order to become insane you need to be honored with the Bloodsail Pirates. The only way to get there is by killing poor goblins, and they will hate you for this. Now comes the kicker, you also need to be exalted with the same goblins without losing your Bloodsail pirates reputation. Every (with the exception of 3) quest you can do for the goblins (and thereby increasing you reputation with them) will also lower your bloodsail pirates reputation. Since I also want the title "the Loremaster" (by completing almost all quests that are available) I have to do all the goblin-quests first. The goblins will love me for this ... and then I have to kill them :/

This is my masterplan:
- complete all quests in Northrend (with priority for sholozar basin and zul'drak) since they give nice gold and after buying every mount possible and epic flying for my shaman and a band of the kirin'thor im down to 20k gold - at least there is nothing I can buy for an achievement anymore ....

- starting grinding reputation for the frenzyheart tribe and when done start the same for the oracles (so I might eventually buy their eggs for the next 12 months ^^) - actually no, I will get exalted with the oracles first and stay as long as the mount doesn't drop, then I will switch to the frenzyheart tribe and make those oracle bastards pay for letting me wait *evil grin*

- grind the last argentum tournament seals to buy 3 mounts and maybe some tabards (since they now count into the achievement for 25 tabards) so I don't have to do the dailies anymore (freeing me from 1h of playtime each day) - we are talking about 350 seals here (without tabards), if I do all dailies and heroic ToC thats 13 seals a day

- complete all quests in stranglethorn vale, tanaris, badlands, winterspring, the barrens and un'goro since they are prone to lower my bloodsail reputation
- after this and after winterveil (once I completed the achievements for the meta) start killing goblins till I'm honored with Bloodsail and get the hat ^^
- farm dire maul to do the free knot-quest which will give reputation for all goblin-factions without loosing bloodsail reputation or kill pirates in tanaris/ratchet - I need to be at neutral with the goblins as soon as possible since I need their cities for the upcoming events, I could also do two quests in feralas (so I heard).
- also while farming dire maul I will work on the repution with the Shen'dralar
- I buy any "of the rogues", "of the swords", "of the mages" cards that are below 2.5g to form the respective decks and thus darkmoon-turnins for 25rep each *sigh*
- farm ravenholdt-reputation by killing mobs in durnhold keep (hinterlands) -I'm at ~2000/12000, that means I have to kill another 2000 of those syndicate-guys/gals (I skilled all weapons to 400 killing them ^^) - then I have to turn in strong lockboxes, 5 for 75 rep ... 21000/75 = 280*5 = 1400 lockboxes - guess my rogue will get more playtime in the future (I did some testruns with him, he's level 70, in EPL - in half an hour I can collect arround 20 lockboxes, open them to get the gold, sell the trash and mail the boxes to my hunter - if I can push myself to do it everyday its 70 days)

The key to not burn out is to do it in little portions. For instance my daily routine right now looks like this:
- do the cooking daily quest (I need raid-food and the gold)
- do the fishing daily quest (sometimes drops an extra recipe or a 100g-gray-item or maybe a fishing rod I'm so hoping for, the recipes go to my "leveling" toons, turning them in give ~20k exp) - and also I'm still trying to get the turtle-mount so fishing doesn't really hurt me.

- do the frostborne/brunhildar/explorers league daily quest - maybe reputation with the exploreres league will become usefull when we get archeolgy as a secondary profession, hm
- do the argentum tournier dailies
- do the daily heroic if still time (thank god I don't realy need the badges anymore - bought the pvp-helm this weekend xD) - there is an achievement for 2500 badges, ~1000 to go, and also you can sell them for epic gems.

- if its not raid-day do setthek-halls for anzu

Saturdays I do Zul'Gurub for the two mounts and Kara for one mount. Sunday another Zul'Gurub since it will reset over night. I need exactly 15min in ZG and another 15min in Kara.

Right now I am here:
- I think I will hit revered with the frostborn this week, 250exp per daily means ~90 days till fully exalted
- somewhere around 8000/12000, ~105 days till fully exalted

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