Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

Am I Insane?

Well, yes, I am, I just need the title ;) (in case you don't understand, there is an achievement called "Insane in the Membrane" and it gives you the title "the Insane" - and you seriously have to invest a lot (time, gold) to get this achievement.

But before this I need other achievements because if I didn't do them I would make it only worse. In order to become insane you need to be honored with the Bloodsail Pirates. The only way to get there is by killing poor goblins, and they will hate you for this. Now comes the kicker, you also need to be exalted with the same goblins without losing your Bloodsail pirates reputation. Every (with the exception of 3) quest you can do for the goblins (and thereby increasing you reputation with them) will also lower your bloodsail pirates reputation. Since I also want the title "the Loremaster" (by completing almost all quests that are available) I have to do all the goblin-quests first. The goblins will love me for this ... and then I have to kill them :/

This is my masterplan:
- complete all quests in Northrend (with priority for sholozar basin and zul'drak) since they give nice gold and after buying every mount possible and epic flying for my shaman and a band of the kirin'thor im down to 20k gold - at least there is nothing I can buy for an achievement anymore ....

- starting grinding reputation for the frenzyheart tribe and when done start the same for the oracles (so I might eventually buy their eggs for the next 12 months ^^) - actually no, I will get exalted with the oracles first and stay as long as the mount doesn't drop, then I will switch to the frenzyheart tribe and make those oracle bastards pay for letting me wait *evil grin*

- grind the last argentum tournament seals to buy 3 mounts and maybe some tabards (since they now count into the achievement for 25 tabards) so I don't have to do the dailies anymore (freeing me from 1h of playtime each day) - we are talking about 350 seals here (without tabards), if I do all dailies and heroic ToC thats 13 seals a day

- complete all quests in stranglethorn vale, tanaris, badlands, winterspring, the barrens and un'goro since they are prone to lower my bloodsail reputation
- after this and after winterveil (once I completed the achievements for the meta) start killing goblins till I'm honored with Bloodsail and get the hat ^^
- farm dire maul to do the free knot-quest which will give reputation for all goblin-factions without loosing bloodsail reputation or kill pirates in tanaris/ratchet - I need to be at neutral with the goblins as soon as possible since I need their cities for the upcoming events, I could also do two quests in feralas (so I heard).
- also while farming dire maul I will work on the repution with the Shen'dralar
- I buy any "of the rogues", "of the swords", "of the mages" cards that are below 2.5g to form the respective decks and thus darkmoon-turnins for 25rep each *sigh*
- farm ravenholdt-reputation by killing mobs in durnhold keep (hinterlands) -I'm at ~2000/12000, that means I have to kill another 2000 of those syndicate-guys/gals (I skilled all weapons to 400 killing them ^^) - then I have to turn in strong lockboxes, 5 for 75 rep ... 21000/75 = 280*5 = 1400 lockboxes - guess my rogue will get more playtime in the future (I did some testruns with him, he's level 70, in EPL - in half an hour I can collect arround 20 lockboxes, open them to get the gold, sell the trash and mail the boxes to my hunter - if I can push myself to do it everyday its 70 days)

The key to not burn out is to do it in little portions. For instance my daily routine right now looks like this:
- do the cooking daily quest (I need raid-food and the gold)
- do the fishing daily quest (sometimes drops an extra recipe or a 100g-gray-item or maybe a fishing rod I'm so hoping for, the recipes go to my "leveling" toons, turning them in give ~20k exp) - and also I'm still trying to get the turtle-mount so fishing doesn't really hurt me.

- do the frostborne/brunhildar/explorers league daily quest - maybe reputation with the exploreres league will become usefull when we get archeolgy as a secondary profession, hm
- do the argentum tournier dailies
- do the daily heroic if still time (thank god I don't realy need the badges anymore - bought the pvp-helm this weekend xD) - there is an achievement for 2500 badges, ~1000 to go, and also you can sell them for epic gems.

- if its not raid-day do setthek-halls for anzu

Saturdays I do Zul'Gurub for the two mounts and Kara for one mount. Sunday another Zul'Gurub since it will reset over night. I need exactly 15min in ZG and another 15min in Kara.

Right now I am here:
- I think I will hit revered with the frostborn this week, 250exp per daily means ~90 days till fully exalted
- somewhere around 8000/12000, ~105 days till fully exalted

Montag, 9. November 2009


Jemhadar: Got his first crusader-token this raid-week and now has more 245iLevel-items then others. I'm very pleased with his progression since I found a good raid for 25man-content and my 10man-content raid is now able to clear Toc10, Ony10 and VoA10 in less then 3 hours. He also joined a guild (not the one with the raids) in the hops to get some "simple" achievements done. After buying another argentum mount and a yellow mount from AQ40 he is now at 85 mounts. 2 more argentum mounts, 5 pvp-mounts, 3 AQ-mounts which I can get for sure (over time) will bring me to 95. And then its more or less about luck: I try to farm as often as possible for Anzu, the two Zul'Gurub-Mounts (almost exalted), Attumens mount, I do the daily for the white bear, I go UP as often as possible for the blue drake, I push myself to get the achievements for the red drake and I'm on my way to complete quests for the Oracles to get the green drake some day (my deathknight buys the egg on every timer, for almost 7months now, no luck :/). While I boosted Shajem through dire maul I got extremly lucky: found 9 books to be turned in for Shen'dralar-rep later. Thank you e-mole.

Tajem: Not much change here. I'm in a regular Ulduar 10 and 25 raid as a tank but we have problems to progress (hard enough to find regular members). Also I do focus on Jemhadar a lot.

Shajem: As of yesterday is now 64. I boosted her through ramparts, blood furnance, slave pens and underbog. I tried old hillsbrad (since then I could farm keepers-rep with Jemhadar while boosting her) but she is to low. So I will boost her next weekend in mana-tombs and crypts to bring her up to 66. She bought normal flying and explored half of outland. She also got her first totem to drop in underbog.

Nejem: Hit 80 and I didn't care ^^ other than equipping a ring from the headless horseman and a trinket from corben whatshisname (brewfest). Since I have 2 accounts I farm with him leather and herbs while raiding with Tajem and while recovering from a wipe he dinged.

Hexjem: Dinged 40 during hallows end and is now parked in the barrens to farm the rare raptor for the pet (already got one for Jemhadar).

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

Why do I play a hunter?

Because hunters dish out damage, a lot, they have a companion who is not annoying (well, warlocks deserve it, so its fair) and they have the best aggrodump and usually lowest repaircosts. Do I play hunters just because of the pets? No. In fact, Blizzard took away my relation to pets so that I don't care anymore what pet I have. I tame the pet thats best for the job and sometimes I don't even give them names. I think that needs a little explanation.

I used to go that extra mile to get me THAT pet, that special pet, my pet. My first hunter (a tauren) was the first to suffer through this. Rake was his target - a rare lion in Mulgore, level 10 I believe. Well Rake was special in the old days, but back then he was just like the next lion in the barrens. But I could tame him as a level 10 tauren hunter while the other lions were 13+. Imagine that little hunter between all the hostile animals in that area, avoiding any contact, starring at the minimap for hours. And then there he was. I cleared the path to him, killed anything around him so I could safely tame him. Did I mention that he was my first companion (those quest-tames don't count)? I was shaking. I began to tame and of course he started to attack me. My eyes were on the tame-timer, calculating if I would make it. But there comes that helpful player thinking I need help and attacks Rake .... Looking back its hilarious, but at that moment I wanted to kill that player, IRL, screeming at him in game. He probably was like: "WTF, I just wanted to help you...". If you read this: I'm sorry.
Long story short: He killed Rake and I logged off, but I tried the next day and then tamed him. I deleted the tauren 10 levels later because I hated the barrens, but I still had Rake.
My second hunter (Nejem) went solo into razorfen kraul to tame one of the armored pigs when he was lvl30. He died at least 5 times trying but then he had a black one and it was his only companion till level 63.
Then I created my third hunter (Jemhadar) and I tried to play him perfect from the start (kiting till level 10 and stuff). When I hit level 23 I tamed Humar and I was the proudest hunter on the world. He was my only pet and he saw Karazahn, SSC and FDS. We matched pefectly (black hair, fur). I loved him. He was the only pet I was attached to.

Sure enough Blizzard had to nerf cats or buff the others, whatever. Seriously, this is a game that shouldn't be so complex that you have to tame that one pet out of ~20 classes because it will do the most damage, or help the raid or help in pvp. Why can't all pets have the same stats and you can train it like you want (tank/dd..)? And that level-bullshit: Hey look, there is a green one *releases current pet, tames green one, puff level75 already* ... Oh look a blue one "releases green pet, tames blue pet, puff". I tamed a black windserpent once (Zul'Gurub) and it took me hours of tanking/kiting for my pet to get him to my level. You actually had to work for your pet, like earning its respect. You don't even have to feed them. Thanks for the cute feed-animation that probable only 1% of all hunters know about since no hunter feeds their pets anymore. Some hunters are so ashamed that they run around with no pet at all and only call it for raids. In heroics it just stands by my side (of course a wolf, what else?) and buffs me with his howl - stuff dies so fast and who cares if I do 200 dps less.

I have 5 stable-slots:
* a black bear for tanking solo-stuff, raid-buffed he has 40k when I'm in BM-Tank-spec
* a black spider for pvp (net)
* a black windserpent from zul'gurub because it was a feat to get it solo at level 70
* a black raptor because uhm ... its black
* a black wolf for everything else

Why did I release my long-time-companion Humar? Because I can get him anytime I want and it will only take me like 4 houres to get him to my level. And nobody would know that I just got him. Pets were reduced to tools like a rifle or a bow. I tamed all three spiritbeasts and leveled them to 80 ... and released them.

Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009

What's this?

Yay, finally my personal place to rant about stuff in the world of warcraft so that I don't have to abuse other peoples blogs xD

I'd call myself a WoW-Addict. I probably play 5 hours a day, every day ... since december 2007. This is my current list of characters on Kargath(EU):

Jemhadar, Dwarf-Male-Hunter, 80, SV/BM (main)
This was not my first character, I had a tauren-hunter first (deleted around 20) and then a nightelf-hunter (Nejem, who is my farmer for ages). Inspired by BRK I created a dwarf-hunter and followed his guides to great success because this was my first character to reach 70 and has seen the most content. For all the trekkies out there: Yes, it comes from Jem'Hadar. I have that name for so long that I react to it like it would be my real name. He is engineer and enchanter.

Tajem, Dwarf-Male-Paladin, 80, Prot/Ret (second main on a second account)
I always wanted to play a paladin but didn't want to level a character again. Thanks to the friends-program I got him to 60 in no time. Since he is on another account I can mutli-box him and Jemhadar to do old content "solo" (like farming mounts, BC-heroics). He was prot all the way, just learned ret recently and has a hard time to let go (also all my online-friends want me to tank *nods*). He is a blacksmith (armor) and miner.

Drujem, Nightelf-Femal-Druid, 80, Resto/Balance
Was my second character to 70 (when Jemhadar had nothing to do) because our guild needed a new tank or healer or dd ^^. I actually tanked in SSC/FDS pre-patch and BT post-patch 3.0. With this character I learned to love tanking. Since I had the paladin and a deathknight to tank I respecced in WotLK to resto/balance. Now that I write this, I learned a lot about all the other stuff in WoW with this druid - I mean a hunter can only do damage (with a little trapping). She is grandmaster in leatherworking and a herbalist.

Trijem, Draenei-Male-Deathknight, 80, Frost-DW-Tank/Frost-DW-DD
Of course I had to try a deathknight. And of course, since all the pansies leveled as dd (rolling need on every tank-item of course), I leveled him as a tank. I tanked into Ulduar25 but our raid-guild broke up, I applied to another raid-guild but I couldn't agree with their lootrules and then never tried again. Also, since there are so many deathtards out there, I (the player) don't want to be assoziated with them and hardly play my deathknight anymore. He is enchanter and jewelcrafter. I considered him my new main for some time, hence the 5000+ achievement-points, which is an achivement in itself for a deathknight.

Nejem, Nightelf-Male-Hunter, 79, MM
When I reached lvl63 I realized that I was a huntard and looked for informations and found many blogs. The one I read the most was BRK and inspired by him I created Jemhadar. I didn't delete Nejem for one reason: He farmed the frostsaber. Nejem is my white hunter (white hair, white mount, white pets) while Jemhadar is my black hunter (black hair, black mount, black pets). He is a herbalist and skinner. Unfortunately you lose the frostsaber when you change faction, otherwise he would become my tauren hunter that I always wanted, still want ... but I can't stand horde quest-areas (to much desert, to spooky).

Fijem, Human-Female-Warrior, 75, Prot
I had that idea at some point: have a guild with the name "Tank4Hire" and have every tankclass in it and then raid with it as in I bring the best class for an encounter. It is taking gear-sets to the next level ^^ Blizzard made that kinda obsolete with all tankclasses doing better and better in all aspects of tanking. Who knows ... some day she will be 80 (or 85) too. Right now she is parked in Dalaran only to do the fishing/cooking quests if she doesn't have to leave Dalaran for this. She is a miner and skinner.

Hidjem, Dwarf-Male-Rogue, 70, Crap-Spec
Hidjem is my all-purpose-bankchar with inscription/alchemy and gathers Lockboxes for my main. I created him out of frustration because my mage Madjem repeatedly got destroyed by rogues in pvp ... only to learn that it isn't as easy to play rogues. Who knew ^^ So him and Madjem joined the forces of bankmules when they were somewhere around 35. Thanks to the friends-program (Tajem, Fijem) they both reached level 60 without leaving ironforge. With the latest expansion I wanted to train them gradmaster and thus leveled them some more. Jemhadar is going for the title "The Insane" and thus needs ~1400 heavy lockboxes. I probably will level him some more so he can open my northrend-lockboxes. And then some more, dunno.

Prijem, Human-Female-Priest, 71, Shadow/Holy
I leveled her through dungeons and only doing quests/questlines for dungeons because people don't give a sh1t how hard it is to level as holy priest (that was before dualspec) as long as you heal for them in dungeons. When I do quests on my priest I get reminded that most people are assholes that are only nice if you can do something for them (tanking or healing). She probably will stay shadow forever since Blizzard was so nice to give 2 priests per naxx-raid a sure raid-spot. She is miner and herbalist (bad combination). When I have time I solo Magisters Terrace with Tajem and drag her with him.

Madjem, Human-Male-Mage, 65, No-Spec
He actually is still around 35. Got ~30 levels from the friends-program and 5 levels by boosting him through dungeons (solo with Tajem) so he could learn grandmaster tailoring and enchanting. Since I have 2 other enchanters (Jemhadar/Trijem) and all my chars have frostweave-bags by now he doesn't have to do much. Probably will never see higher levels and will be deleted if I ever train tailoring to that level on another character and need a character-slot.

Shajem, Draenei-Female-Shaman, 43, Resto
I level her with an online-friend who picked a Draenei-Paladin (prot). Can't wait to see our power-duo leveling in outland and northrend. This is my fourth or fifth attempt to level a shaman. I hate the draenei-starting-zone but with shamans you have to quest there because of the totems and that always ended with me being frustrated and deleting that character - but not this time. She has 4 heirloomitems and levels super fast. Right now herbalist and miner.

Magjem, Gnome-Female-Mage, 39, No Spec
I created her in the last halloween-event to gather the items that turn you into a bat or something (for the achievement). Then in the valentins day event I used her to open candyboxes, not sure why. Anyhow ... she got Peddlefeet. How could I possible delete a char with Peddlefeet (unless Jemhadar gets one too) - and she looks so cute with him flying behind her *smiles*. So I leveled her to 39 and enchanted most of her gear to pvp with her. Not much time to do so. While I was waiting for a a BG someone sold a guild to me for 10g with the name Secret of Mana. Pretty nice for a mage huh? Skinner and Tailor and probably will replace Madjem at one time (hence the similar name).

Hexjem, Gnome-Male-Warlock, 39, No Spec
My first attempt at creating a twink. If I ever manage to get my other characters to the cap and then nothing to do I will level him. Can't stand the voice of his minions. The only reason he still exists is a rare receipe that I farmend for him so he could create that robe for a warlock-class-quest. Whenever I'm in the mood I log in create 5-10 robes with mats from the AH and then sell them for 500% profit.

Shujem, Gnome-Female-Rogue, 22, No Spec
Only wanted to see a gnome-rogue in complete defias-gear (lvl22 for the rings, although you can't "see" them). No, I don't need another rogues, nobody likes rogues, nobody needs rogues. The only thing they are good for is interrupts but that would seriously lower their DPS so they usually fail at that.

Hejem, Nightelf-Male-Priest, 20, Disc
My latest character that I leveled from 1-20 in 2 days with no heirloom-items or bags or gold or any support (well I created him 3 items with Madjem, the tailor, when Hejem hit 20). He even healed through deadmines and stockades, well the tank was 30 something so it was easy. Don't know if I want to play him further. I just wanted to see how easy it is do level these days. Endresult: 43g after riding/mount. When Jemhadar hit 40 back then he struggled to get the 100g. How many bag-drops: 1. I bought the rest in the AH for a price lower than what I would get if I sold them to the vendor, lol.

Bejem, Bloodelf-Female-Paladin, 35, Mix-Spec
My attempt to give horde a chance. But I can't stand undead people (NPC and PC) so her only use is to play the horde-AH (yes dear horde, every WG-win cost you ~100g [buy low, sell normal]). I also farmed the black cat with her (made around 6k, atwo online-friends happy and Jemhadar got his too). Thanks to having two accounts its pretty easy to transfer stuff between factions.

I have 3 guilds, I probably won't join other guilds. Leaving my first guild (a leveling-guild) was a big mistake. It broke my hard. I still have a friend there and every time I see him do stuff with the guild I die a little. But I want to raid, I want achievements and I simply couldn't do it (still can't) with them. On the other hand I am not hardcore enough for the hardcore-guilds (I get raid-invites if they have empty spots but thats it).

These are my goals for Jemhadar:
- the title "The Insane"
- 100 mounts
- at least 40 if not all factions at exaltet
- Loremaster before cataclysm
- 7000+ achievement-points
- the meta-mount (purple drake with 310% speed)

These are my goals in general:
- every class to level-cap
- every profession to skill-cap