Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010

Toon-Time :)

It is time to give my other toons a chance to level now that all my 80s are at a point where the only upgrades (except for some trinkets) come from emblemes of frost and ICC /10/25. A little update:
* Jemhadar got the sweet Zod's Repeating Longbow from ICC25, bought the T10-helm, needs only 17k to be exalted with Ashen Verdict (no farm-runs), some fucking 4k-dps-hunter got Death's Verdict because he had 3 dkp more than me, he gimped himself and thatfor the raid for the last 7 weeks to save up for this very trinket with roughly 60% attendance ... gz, I guess you know what the other 23 members of the raid including the raidleader think of you
* Nejem is probably second now in gearscore (with 590 ungemmed ArP he definitely will be marksman again)
* Tajem still got no new shield (Anub droped his shield for the first time, but I was there with Jemhadar ^^, oh yeah, 27min for the complete ToC10-run was a new record for us) but he got a new tanking-ring from ICC10 and the T10-shoulders
* Drujem did ToC10/25 and ICC10 (first 4 bosses, only me and a resto-shaman as healers, the next bosses were simply to much for us two to handle), got some items and bought the T10-shoulders, she will hold on to the 4pT9-bonus as long as she can
* Trijem barely left Dalaran to do the jewelcrafting-daily, maybe one or two random heroics

Back to my other toons /70-80):
When my resto-shaman Shajem (dual spec probably will be enh) hit 70 (by boosting her with my deathknight through every dungeon) she came to a halt. Boosting her through dungeons with my deathknight was no option anymore (my dk was in naxx/ulduar-gear back then, 31k ub hp) and farming mobs with her flying in the air became boring after half an hour.So I jumped in the water - LFD - and healed my first WotLK-dungeon, and then the next and the next. Every day a random dungeon which gives her 2 emblems of triumph every day - sweet. And she is now level 76 sporting every blue that could drop for her. By the time she will hit 80 she will be able to buy at least 2 t9-pieces.
Encouraged by this I did the same with my shadowpriest Prijem, now 74 with all heirloom-items. Can't wait to get 75 because I get an AoE-spell then, I believe.
My first bank-toon, the mage Madjem, was level 66 two weeks ago and he only got there because I needed the level to learn grandmaster enchanting and tailoring. In the past he got 30 levels from the friends-program and then some levels by boosting him through dungeons with my paladin. He is now 71. I could exchange the heirloom-items with Prijem but I don't need Madjem to be 80 anytime soon so I didn't bother. Did 1.5k dps on average on my last UK-run and 1.8k on the first and last boss which I'm very satisfied with.
So yesterday I bought all the heirloom-items suiteable for my rogue Hidjem, bought him flying, epic flying and coldwetherflying, respecced to combat (since a friend told me to, for leveling) and trained my attack-rotation on some northrend-mobs. Maybe he will see his first northrend-dungeon this evening. I need him to be at least level 75 so he can open the normal northrend-lockboxes (skill 375). Also there drops a soulbound-recipe for offhand that can transform you into a wolf - and it only drops for scribes.
My warrior Fijem is still 77 and never tanked a dungeon ... and is specced for prot. But I'm getting more confident that I can do the job so maybe he will tank his first dungeon this weekend. Why are there no tanking-heirloom-items (except leather for bears)?

So that makes 5 80s, and 5 toons between 70 and 77. All of them have epic-coldwetherflying.

These are the professions:
- Jemhadar: 450 Enchanting, 450 Engineer (goblin, and I hate Blizzard for making the ammo-recipes the way they are, depending on specialisation)
- Nejem: 450 Herbalist, 450 Skinning (once I got my hands on Primordial Saronite he will learn gnomish-engineering so I can buy Plans: Iceblade Arrow and don't have to buy them on the AH)
- Tajem: 450 Mining, 450 Blacksmith (thinking about Jewlcrafting instead of Mining, I slowly gather the mats on my other toons whenever they wait for a dungeon)
- Drujem: 450 Herbalist, 450 Leatherworking
- Trijem: 450 Jewelcrafting, 450 Enchanting
- Shajem: 450 Herbalist, 450 Alchimist
- Prijem: 450 Herbalist, 450 Mining
- Madjem: 449 Tailoring (lol 75 frostweavebages didn't gave me that last point), 400 Enchanting
- Fidjem: 450 Mining, 450 Skinning
- Hidjem: 450 Inscription, 450 Alchimist

Oh yeah, Jemhadar got his 100. mount, the blue drake from oculus, and is now the proud owner of a  Blue Dragonhawk Mount.Still no raptor, anzu, icebear or attumens horse or hawkstrider.

Still only lvl40 is my warlock doing nothing ^^

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