Montag, 9. November 2009


Jemhadar: Got his first crusader-token this raid-week and now has more 245iLevel-items then others. I'm very pleased with his progression since I found a good raid for 25man-content and my 10man-content raid is now able to clear Toc10, Ony10 and VoA10 in less then 3 hours. He also joined a guild (not the one with the raids) in the hops to get some "simple" achievements done. After buying another argentum mount and a yellow mount from AQ40 he is now at 85 mounts. 2 more argentum mounts, 5 pvp-mounts, 3 AQ-mounts which I can get for sure (over time) will bring me to 95. And then its more or less about luck: I try to farm as often as possible for Anzu, the two Zul'Gurub-Mounts (almost exalted), Attumens mount, I do the daily for the white bear, I go UP as often as possible for the blue drake, I push myself to get the achievements for the red drake and I'm on my way to complete quests for the Oracles to get the green drake some day (my deathknight buys the egg on every timer, for almost 7months now, no luck :/). While I boosted Shajem through dire maul I got extremly lucky: found 9 books to be turned in for Shen'dralar-rep later. Thank you e-mole.

Tajem: Not much change here. I'm in a regular Ulduar 10 and 25 raid as a tank but we have problems to progress (hard enough to find regular members). Also I do focus on Jemhadar a lot.

Shajem: As of yesterday is now 64. I boosted her through ramparts, blood furnance, slave pens and underbog. I tried old hillsbrad (since then I could farm keepers-rep with Jemhadar while boosting her) but she is to low. So I will boost her next weekend in mana-tombs and crypts to bring her up to 66. She bought normal flying and explored half of outland. She also got her first totem to drop in underbog.

Nejem: Hit 80 and I didn't care ^^ other than equipping a ring from the headless horseman and a trinket from corben whatshisname (brewfest). Since I have 2 accounts I farm with him leather and herbs while raiding with Tajem and while recovering from a wipe he dinged.

Hexjem: Dinged 40 during hallows end and is now parked in the barrens to farm the rare raptor for the pet (already got one for Jemhadar).